WSOP: Dan Almeida Enters Day 2 of Mystery Millions

One One of the most popular tournaments for Las Vegas players in the early days of the WSOP was Event #03, the popular $1,000 Mystery Millions. With multiple qualifiers, the number of entries is sure to be high and some Brazilians have already managed to qualify for the competitive sequence.

An example is Dan Almeida, partner and coach of the Midas Poker Team, who played in Day 1B of the tournament and took chips at the end of 22 blind levels. He finished with 295,000 in chips, 129th out of 146 qualifiers. The second qualifier was well-registrated with 2,957 entrants.

Remember, last year Dan Almeida was one of the winners of the $100,000 prize. His partner, Ramon Kropmanns, is another partner who has won six figures in the same event. The pair also reached the final table of the tournament.

The lead is in the hands of Shaun Davis with 2,475,000 in chips. Max Kruse (1,560,000), Mike Sowers (1,325,000), Martin Jacobson (1,180,000), Asher Conniff (1,020,000), Ankush Mandavia (1,000,000), Benny Glaser (635,000) and Dan Shark (490,000) are some of the eligible funny name. p>

The tournament also has two qualifiers, Day 1C on Friday and Day 1D on Saturday. Day 2 begins Sunday at 2pm ET. The organizers have guaranteed $1,000,000 in prize money. Last year, Matt Glantz was the winner.

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  • This text provides information about the WSOP tournament in Las Vegas, specifically Event #03, the $1,000 Mystery Millions. It mentions Brazilian players who have qualified for the tournament and provides details about their performance so far. Additionally, it highlights the upcoming qualifiers and the guaranteed prize money.

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    This text provides information about a popular poker tournament called Event #03 in the early days of the WSOP that had high participation from Las Vegas players. It mentions the successful qualification of Brazilians, including Dan Almeida and his partner Ramon Kropmanns, who have previously won significant prizes. The text also mentions upcoming qualifiers and provides details about the lead player and the prize money guarantee for the tournament.

  • This text provides information about the $1,000 Mystery Millions tournament at the WSOP in Las Vegas, highlighting Brazilian players like Dan Almeida and his success in previous events. It also mentions the current chip leaders and upcoming qualifiers, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000.

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