WSOP 2023 Day 3: Alexandre Vuilleumier Surprise $25,000 Up to $6

Alexandre Vuilleumier

Inaugural 2023 WSOP Open and first European Champion. Since it can’t be Adrian Mateos (14th, $62,671), we have to celebrate Switzerland’s Alexandre Vuilleumier for taking on the entire US High Roller in Event #2 $25k Machine $6-Max for the 2023 World Series of Poker.

The final table of the tournament was a highlight day for the Horseshoe. It is always suspicious to read about a player paying such a high buy-in and choosing to play against an opponent so experienced that they are new to tournament poker.

As far as Vuilleumier is concerned, there is no question because although he is only in his early 40s, it was only in 2018 that he achieved his first international success in local championships. His first six-figure ITM came last year at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, and he wasn’t really a name until last fall, when his profile had to be updated to show he was a finalist Won the EPT London final. He then went on to win a $10,000 parallel tournament at the PCA Bahamas.

The former chess player took advantage of the strengths of Chance Kornuth and Sean Winter. > Know how to bite French chip leader Axel Hallay and wait for the perfect opportunity to show yourself. Alexander defended his blind with KQ and held Sean Winter’s top pair. The two also hit queens on the river, and the Swiss heads up with his doubles. Sean Winter had only a few streaks and threes left to represent and decided to turn his second pair into a bluff and go all-in.

Vuilleumier’s brilliant call put him in the loop on a difficult three-pointer. Table Winter and Chance Kornuth ended up going heads-up with the Swiss team, but it didn’t work out.

Gallery of Champions

Event #2: $25,000 6-Max

Alexandre Vuilleumier – $1,215,864.

2°. Chance Kornuth $751,463 Third place. Sean Winter $518,106 4. Axel Hallay $363,326 5°. Ren Lin $259,220 6. Joey Weissman $188,219

Back to Mortal Tournaments: Event #3: $1,000 Mystery Million Day two’s first Hispanic qualifiers have emerged.

He is “Púa”, Oscar Blanco, although the official report does not give his specific stack. That’s why he scored only 1 point and placed 145th in the 146 qualifiers. By the way, the 4,980-player tournament has been exciting for the first two events. There are just as many others left.

There will be no more Hispanic events, and no other tournaments will end. Dealer’s Chioce, Limit HE and Mix PLO/NLHE events are still going on, as is the Championship Tournament for WSOP Circuit winners.

High level competition returns to the HU Championship for $25k$ where new elements of the Spanish Expedition will dance.

I have signed up for the tournament and am the most excited about it in my entire career. Tomorrow we will be competing against 25,000 HU players at the WSOP. Let’s go all out 💪🔥

— Favelita (@adriia18) June 2, 2023

What events start today, June 2?

  • Event #3: Mystery Millions $1,000 Day 1C
  • Event #8: Heads Up NLHE Tournament $25,000
  • Event #9: Seven Cards Stud $1,500

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  • The text discusses Alexandre Vuilleumier winning the 2023 WSOP Open and becoming the first European Champion. It also mentions other events starting on June 2, such as the Mystery Millions and Heads Up NLHE Tournament.

  • This text discusses the victory of Alexandre Vuilleumier in the 2023 WSOP Open and highlights his rise in the poker world. It also mentions upcoming events at the tournament.

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    This text provides a recap of the 2023 WSOP tournament, highlighting Alexandre Vuilleumier as the inaugural European champion. It also mentions upcoming events scheduled for June 2nd, including the Mystery Millions, Heads Up NLHE Tournament, and Seven Card Stud.

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