The Ten Commandments of Poker

The Ten Commandments of Poker

To be a good poker player, there are 10 qualities you need to have or perfect in order to rank at the top of tournaments. These are factors that must be respected and mastered by everyone at the table. These are the “Ten Commandments of Poker”:

1) Be patient.

You have to have great patience in this game. In the early stages of a tournament, it’s important to pick your first hand in order to build up a large stack. For this you need good maps, sometimes they take hours to get to. You have to be patient and wait for the right moment to act.

2) Offense

Offensiveness is the key, and for the best players, it is not without it. The world is aggressive. If you get into a hand, be aggressive. Don’t complicate your hand by getting too many players in the game with marginal hands. Play with as few players as possible and be aggressive. Don’t just attack with good cards, because if you keep playing the same thing, they can easily spot you.

3) Cheating

Poker Sense here can be likened to cheating: you have to know how to lie to play well. But you have to know when to lie. It is important to choose the hands, positions and players you want to bluff with, otherwise bluffing can become very expensive. For example, if they see a weakness and are in position, they can semi-bluff and steal the blinds.

4) Flexibility

This is very important to vary the way you play and the size of your bets so other players don’t take you into a style. The ideal is to be unpredictable without the other players knowing what they might have. Tips: Check-raise, raise with marginal hands, and bet out of position without affecting stacks.

5) Positive Image

The Ten Commandments of Poker

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