Mathias Duarte wins 10K mystery bounty at EPT Barcelona

Mathias Duarte wins 10K mystery bounty at EPT Barc...

EPT Barcelona 10K Mystery Bounty title remains with Uruguay. After Francisco Benitez’s win in 2022, Matias Duarte repeated the feat in the stage opener. He received a knockout fee of €192,000 thanks to the bounty on his head.

Duarte spent much of the final day chasing Tom Orpaz, a player who eliminated several players in the FT, including the Brazilian Ramon Kropmanns. After jumping into the lead, the Uruguayan never looked back.

During four hands, Duarte had a good chance to win the first bounty of the tournament, but Connor Beresford found three outs and doubled his stack. Soon after, they were facing off. The final hand played out as follows:

With blinds at 60,000/120,000 and an ante of 120,000, Beresford raised to 250,000 and was called. After the flop came 3♥A♣Q, Beresford decided to continue betting 210,000. Duarte then check-called to see the 8♣ turn. Faced with a stake of 450,000, Duarte repeated the check call. Finally arrived at the K River. Beresford thought for a moment and announced an all-in move of 1,000,000. Duarte called instantly and revealed K 10♥. Beresford was dominated by A♥10♣ and lost all their chips.

The EPT Mystery Bounty event has 79 entries and a prize pool of €10,200. Here’s how much each finalist took home:

1. Mathias Duarte (Uruguay) €192,000

2. Conor Beresford (UK) €100,000

3. Tom Orpaz (Israel) €143,200

4. Patrick Kennedy (UK) €52,100

5. Quanzhou (China) €28,500

6. Erik Seidel (USA) €40,200

7. Ramon Kropmanns (Brazil) €90,600

8. Ouassini Mansouri (France) €29,500

*Bonus Bonuses

Mathias Duarte wins 10K mystery bounty at EPT Barc...

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  • This text provides a recap of the EPT Barcelona 10K Mystery Bounty tournament, highlighting how Matias Duarte followed in Francisco Benitez’s footsteps to claim the title. It describes Duarte’s strategy, including his pursuit of Tom Orpaz, and ultimately winning the final hand against Connor Beresford with a dominant hand.

  • Emmerich.donavon

    The text describes the EPT Barcelona 10K Mystery Bounty poker tournament where Matias Duarte from Uruguay emerged as the winner, taking home a prize of €192,000. The final hand of the tournament resulted in Duarte’s victory over Conor Beresford from the UK.

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