João Mathias Wins $109 Phenomenal Event on PokerStars

João Mathias wins $109 Fenomeno and cashes in on P...

The PokerStars tables had some good Brazilian action on Thursday (27th) with some big wins. One of the highlights of the day was João Mathias, a professional player from the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Nicknamed “joaoMathias,” he won the $109 Fenomeno competition after beating 323 entrants. João Mathias received a generous prize of $6,030. Henrique Lessa, “554477,” came in third with $3,190.

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During the traditional $109 daily cooldown with 413 participants, Brazil also made it. The winner was Sean Iazdi, or “SeanIazdi” of Team CardRoom Poker, who won $6,392.

He also won the Daily Supersonic for $55, out of 490 entrants and the Brazilian team represented by Fábio Cavalcanti (“Fábio”). That player won the gold medal and was awarded $5,436.

In the bonus generator $55, with 469 actions registered, Brazilian Poker ended up with the double crown with players “Alemao1973” and Eduardo Dantas “eduardodantas95”. They earned $4,621 and $2,251 for first and second place respectively.

João Mathias wins $109 Fenomeno and cashes in on P...


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    This text provides updates on the recent PokerStars tables action, highlighting the success of Brazilian players such as João Mathias and Henrique Lessa, who won significant prizes in various competitions. Additionally, it mentions the achievements of other Brazilian players, including Kevin Martin and the Brazilian team represented by Fábio Cavalcanti.

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