Felipe Boianovsky interviewed after receiving SCOOP title

Fees Lipe Boyanovski took Team Brazil to unprecedented heights: the holders of the SCOOP Main Event Senior Championship. The top player put in a solid performance to claim the top prize of $1,036,199, the highest payout of his career so far and the ninth in the history of a Brazilian online poker player.

A few minutes later for the feat, Felipe commented on the result live on MundoTV. As he got used to the idea of ​​the feat, he had a conversation with JP Fernandez. “I’m kind of in shock, I’m kind of up in the air, I don’t know what’s going on yet,” he says at the beginning of his conversation with the narrator.

Always technical, the “lipe piv” has scores submitted via the tournament final table. “I tried my best, that’s all. I have a lot of viewers, but for $10,000 FT, it’s not the hardest part, there are some casual players. There are some not-so-good $10,000 rules though , but there are still some.” There were indeed many audiences. The guy “omaha4rolzz” I played against at HU played really well.

Boianovsky’s talk focused on the heads-up match against Laszlo Bujtas. He explained what it was like to play against legendary cash game players and beat them with such authority in such an intense heads-up game.

“The scale is pretty huge.” It’s a setup I’m fairly comfortable with This is a high stakes cash game genre that will allow for a more advanced theoretical understanding of the game. It will be harder to exploit, but as a very theoretical person, I feel I’m in a comfort zone of understanding. In a way, it’s like I’m training against the solver.

The poker star admitted that the high stakes during tournaments made him a bit conservative at times, such as on the bubble and in the heads-up final table portion of the game. The Hungarian was advised to make a deal.

“He didn’t want to do it. Obviously the money weighed heavily on me and not on him, but in the course of the action it wasn’t that heavy. In a way, I think when you’re standing there and you’ve won $700,000, it kind of feels like I’m playing a game, like I’m playing game money. It’s almost like training against a GTO trainer you can find online. “Money never made a difference in heads-up decisions,” “lipe piv” explained.

“Heads up is expensive and deep, and the cash player certainly thinks he’s done it.” A very big advantage. “You have a huge advantage over this guy, but if you see him sitting in the lobby for a $300,000 game, you’re going to sit and play just because you think He has this? Rand? If the answer is no, it’s because playing the economy and not making a deal is a bad decision,” he added, referencing Patrick Leonard’s thinking.

Finally, Boyanovsky was hired by JP to ask if he was in Allan Mello, Fabiano Kolvaksi and Peder Pedro Padilha was the main contributor to this great achievement.

“I’ve never worked as hard in the past six months as I have in the past six months.” Now. It was the first time I played six days in a row, warming up every day, checking hands, practicing with them. Being in a group makes absurd differences. Having their support on a daily basis and dealing with the volatility throughout the series, some of whom made multiple stops along the way, I felt much better prepared for my show. ’ he concluded.

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  • This text discusses the achievements of poker player Felipe Boyanovski, who won the SCOOP Main Event Senior Championship and the highest prize of his career. Boyanovski reflects on his performance, the intense heads-up match, and the support he received from his team, emphasizing the importance of hard work and preparation in his success.

  • This text highlights the achievements of poker player Fees Lipe Boyanovski from Brazil, who won the SCOOP Main Event Senior Championship and received the highest payout of his career. Boyanovski describes his experience playing against renowned cash game players and emphasizes the importance of preparation and support from his teammates in his success.

  • This text is about a Brazilian online poker player named Felipe Boyanovski who achieved a significant victory in the SCOOP Main Event Senior Championship. He reflects on his performance, including his strategy during the heads-up match and his decision not to make a deal. He also credits the support of his fellow players as a key factor in his success.

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