CCP Million had some good games on Friday

per The day of the week everyone has been waiting for is here. The highly anticipated Friday will be poker day at the CCP Million tables and promises to be one of the funniest days of the entire event. That’s because all players will enjoy the decisions, shouting and excitement during mystery bounties as well as in Hold’em and Omaha tournaments.

The competition starting on Friday will be the mystery bounty release April 17, 2019 Key date: Envelope opening day. The final day of the $400 tournament is scheduled for 4 p.m. and all finalists don’t even need to make it to the final table to compete for a chance at a nice prize.

Friday afternoon will be for those A one-day tournament for players who prefer the most traditional format of two-card games. The 8-Max KO is scheduled for 5:00pm with a buy-in of only $250, a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000, and the chance to contribute to the final prize pool.

Am night, two games drew a successful conclusion to the game of the day. The first is the Main Event, scheduled for 7:00pm. This is day 1C of the tournament, the buy-in is R$650 and the guarantee is R$500,000. Then there’s a tournament at 9 p.m. for those who like Omaha. This is PLO 5 with a margin of R$25,000 and a buy-in of R$300.

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