Bloom reveals more details about her role as ‘Poker Princess’

Bloom reveals more details about her role as 'Poke...

There are very few movies about poker, but one of the most compelling is undoubtedly the one that follows the life of Molly Bloom and the millionaire game that endangered her life.

The autobiography was adapted for the Hollywood screen as Molly’s Game, and it has now been announced that the adaptation omits some of the details recently revealed by the so-called poker princess.

After the box office success, all the media attention and criticism was focused on those with names like Tobey Maguire or Ben Affleck As the main character in the game. As well as some of the top businessmen and European mafia members.

However, the threats and dangerous situations that Bloom must endure are ignored, such as: gangsters breaking into her The family threatened her and beat her. Recently, she herself revealed even more details, little-known facts that served as a major catalyst for the plot.

“The Italian Mafia, which has links to illegal gambling, wanted a piece of the action. I got a call from an apparent gangster who asked me to give his organization a share of the profits, but I refused.” Refusing this request was the real reason this creepy guy visited my apartment, he gave me a gun “put it in my mouth, something you will never forget”, beat me and took away my safe Everything in there, including photos and some of my grandmother’s stuff,” Bloom said.

He also admitted that he <clearly remembered what the judge said to him when the verdict was announced, which may have been crucial to his life.

“I met a judge who was very disappointed in me, but ultimately he was a…” A very sensible man said, “Listen, you held an illegal poker game, but it sounds like you A lot has been done to change your life. I’m not going to jail you.” It’s hard to adequately express how amazing that moment was. ”

Bloom earned more than $4 million a year from the Olympics, she recalled, although other reports claimed producerHouston Curtis strong>AndMaguire is mainly responsible for organizing matches, whileshe is only involved in building a customer base and serving drinks to the players.

Bloom reveals more details about her role as 'Poke...


  • This text discusses the movie “Molly’s Game” based on the life of Molly Bloom and her involvement in a high-stakes poker game. However, it criticizes the omission of certain dangerous situations and threats Bloom faced in real life. It also mentions the involvement of famous personalities like Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck in the game.

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