Big loss with JJ Marcou is WSOP main event

Daniel Weinmann's victory was marked by a wild def...

Daniel Weinmann scores historic WSOP victory. Winning a Main Event is incredible in itself, but winning the biggest Main Event in the history of the World’s Greatest Series is even more important. With $12,100,000 in his pocket, this is a player whose career will be long remembered and a hand in this tournament that will be unforgettable.

Not only for him, but for everyone watching the game. On Day 8 of the Main Event, Wayman pulled off one of the craziest tempos of the game — perhaps one of the craziest ever — in a massive cooler. When he moved all-in pre-flop against and , he had the much-watched game in his hands.

With the game at stake and the hand throwing the community into turmoil, Daniel saw that Wayman’s turnaround board was one of the cards he needed to turn it around, and it proved to be a boon for his future champions very important. At that time, many people even joked that this was “championship luck”.

This joke is indeed a prophecy, and Weiman’s JJ will undoubtedly be remembered forever. But here’s a curious fact. The controversial JJ also rose to prominence in the career of another WSOP Main Event winner whose story is somewhat similar to Daniel’s. do you remember? do you remember?

It Jonathan Duhamel won the 2010 WSOP Main Event. That year, the Canadian defeated John Racener heads-up to win the title, earning a handsome $8,944,310 in prize money. He also had a crucial JJ along the way and needed a hard hit to break the AA of one of his opponents, American Matt Affleck.

The shift happened in the semifinals of this main event. The difference is that in this case, Duhamel has more chips and will not be eliminated. However, had he lost the hand, he would have had a much smaller stack and the story could have ended very differently.

In a hand with blinds of 125,000/250,000, Duhamel raised to 550,000 at the cutoff and Affleck three-bet to 1,550,000 on the button. The blinds folded and Duhamel four-bet to 3,925,000 in chips. Matt Affleck called and they both saw the flop. Duhamel seemed well connected and in control. Affleck persevered, betting 5,000,000 and the future champion called.

Canadian Duhamel won the title in 2010

The turn card appears A card was drawn and Duhamel checked again. Matt Affleck then moved all-in for 11,600,000 in chips. Despite having more chips, Duhamel called for a tally and took nearly five minutes to call. Affleck showed that this matchup is very difficult. Duhamel’s odds of winning were just over 20 percent, and excitement was in the air.

When the river came, a card gave Duhamel a historic turn as he took the 42,000,000 chip pot and sailed for him. The biggest win of his career. Affleck’s reaction to the fiasco also became a memorable moment, with an expression of utter disbelief at his own doom. Years later, lightning struck the same place.

Daniel Weinmann's victory was marked by a wild def...

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  • This text highlights the historic victories of Daniel Weinmann and Jonathan Duhamel in the WSOP Main Event, emphasizing their dramatic hands and the impact it had on their careers. It showcases the excitement and unpredictable nature of the game, leaving a lasting impression on both players and spectators.

  • This text highlights the historic victories of Daniel Weinmann and Jonathan Duhamel in the WSOP Main Event, showcasing their memorable hands and the impact it had on their respective careers. It emphasizes the significance of these wins, not only for the players themselves but also for the viewers and the overall story of the tournament.

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