Bárbara Akemi confirms FT’s decider, complete player

Bárbara Akemi Takes Crunch Final Table Seat at GGP...

Pro Bárbara Akemi is honeymooning with poker. The streamer, who became the Sunday Million champion in February this year, is enjoying a new boom and has had good results lately. One of them was implemented yesterday, live on Twitch, and featured an exciting hand.

The deciding seat goes to GGPoker’s 5-hand bounty hunter Deepstack Turbo for $32.10. By then, the tournament had been fairly even, with chips going back and forth until one of the five survivors fell. It was this player who “set things up” by announcing a 3,3 all-in for the blinds and a $185 bounty.

After Bárbara Akemi saw the button fold, she decided to play alone with her 20.5 blinds, looking for good value in chips and in the opponent’s head. However, despite an almost equal stack (23.3 blinds), the last player to speak decided to step in and triple all-in, making things quite tense.

At showdown, everyone is “free”. The CardRoom player in tournament jeopardy, with the short stack, holds the card while the big blind player has the larger stack. Then the board starts to hit the cards, and the flop is good for Barbara, and when she sees the cards, it hits one of her cards. But things changed on the turn.

A hands the second pair to the anchor while also passing the sequence to the short stack who now has a better than 90% chance of winning. Akemi hardly worried about the turn, he waited for the river and saw a perfect card. She asked for a K, but it was the K that completed the board and added a new twist to the game.

With a home run, Bárbara Akemi won and knocked out one of her opponents, winning the 45 blind pot. She became the chip leader after the switch, but ended up bust after the brawl, much to the delight of many who followed her. The player’s final prize is $2,054. If you’re good, you have to run away, right? It flies!

Bárbara Akemi Takes Crunch Final Table Seat at GGP...

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