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Flagged letters, accusations and libel: the latest scandals

Flags, accusations and slander: the latest poker s...

A new cheating scandal has emerged in the poker world. Wesley Wes Side Fei and Nikhil Nik Airball Arcot accuse a group of players of cheating in an allegedly private high-stakes game held in Yorba Linda Held last year in California. According to the charges, they allegedly used a deck of “marker” cards to profit during the game.

By Wesley Fei Social networks launched a public condemnation, and Arcot quickly decided to join in and provide testimony to support his claims. However, since these were private games, it would be difficult to find evidenceof what happened. Furthermore, none of them filed a formal complaint with the judiciary to substantiate their accusations.

Basically, @Marsback2earth called me and admitted everything, including that he was a fraud, and @ArnaudMattern and her fraud syndicate are now very angry. They are leaving the United States today and are threatening me to delete all tweets about them. Otherwise they will kill me. Mras said he…

— Dr. Hash “Wesley” (@CryptoApprenti1) December 6, 2023

One of the names included in the original accusation Arnaud Mattern, one of the two players, decided not to sit idly by and took action on the matter. But unlike the plaintiffs, Mattern did not use social media and filed the lawsuit directly in California Superior Court.

In the lawsuit, Arnold Mattern specifically named Fee and Ackert by their first and last names. He also mentioned a post from 2023, the day the game was said to have been played with markers. In fact, he was in his native France. After learning of the lawsuit, Fee once again took to social media to condemn Mattern’s actions, although this time Ackert chose to reserve his opinion.

What kind of liar culture is this? Scammer suing all victims after not threatening my life? @ArnaudMattern @nikairball

— Dr. Hash “Wesley” (@CryptoApprenti1) February 10, 2024

Mattern seeks $50,000 in damages Kim in addition to bearing all legal fees. He claimed the pair’s accusations amounted to nothing more than a desperate attempt to avoid huge losses he suffered in these private games. The entire lawsuit can be read in the 2+2 article by Arnaud Mattern himself.

Flags, accusations and slander: the latest poker s...

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster 8-Max KO

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

The KSOP in Rio de Janeiro was packed with champions on Tuesday night. The Monster 8-Max KO Championship was the main event of the day, ultimately won by Argentinian champion Luciano Macchiarelli. His compatriot José Guichi Grill completed the podium in third place.

Lucho, a participant in the previous day’s super high stakes tournament, recovered from a fall at the final table. Contested and won this monster 8-Max KO. He beat 714 entrants and took home R$229,200 for first place.

Luciano is one of the few at the final table who has yet to win a KSOP title. He had to beat Elvis Renan, Peterson Machado, Sergey Utenkov, Sebastian Fonseca Fonseca, Lincoln Freitas, Adriano Aparecido, Alexandre Couto and several other champions, as well as his compatriot Jose “Guochi” Grill, who has already won the one-time main event title.

The champion is satisfied with what he has experienced on the track, he is already thinking about his next steps in the coming days and has made it clear that he will fight for all possible championships that will expand the bankroll.

Final table prize money:

1. – Luciano Macchiarelli (Argentina) – BRL 229,200.

2. – Sebastian Fonseca (Colombia) – 149,000 reals

3. – Jose Grill (Argentina) – 100,000 reals

4. Location – Sergey Utenkov (Peru) – R$ 68,000

5° – Lincon Freitas – R$ 48,120

6° – Alexandre Couto – R$ 36,500

7° – Adriano Aparecido – R$ 28,700

8° – Elvis Renan – R$ 23,200

9° – Peterson Machado – R$ 18,500

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

GGPoker announces the return of GGMasters Overlay version with $10 million in prizes

GGPoker announces the return of GGMasters Overlay...

From the beginning to the end of the calendar, GGPoker hosts incredible tournaments, but none are more beneficial than the GGMasters Overlay Edition.

The name of the tournament says it all. The site will lose money, but it’s worth it as it offers tens of thousands of players the chance to compete for a $10 million prize for just $150.

GGPoker will once again be organizing special qualifiers so grinders from all over the world can join in and have fun. View schedule:

February 18

Day 1A – 9am/2pm/7pm

February 24

Day 1B – 2 PM

February 25

Day 1C – AM 9am/2pm/7pm

February 26

Day 1D – 9:00am/12:00pm

Day 2 – 4:00 pm

Day 2 – 4:00 p.m.

On the third anniversary of GGMasters , GGPoker “reached” the goal, but did not achieve it. The $10,000,000 guarantee is unmatched. When registering $150 of $64,622, the site suffered a $1,082,164 coverage hit. Daniel de Freitas lost to Phil Gruissem in a heads-up match for $572,777. Meanwhile, Eduardo “odraudegnam” Silva took home the bronze medal and $421,418 in prize money.

GGPoker announces the return of GGMasters Overlay...

Victor Moratto is the winner of Supremas Battle HR

Victor Moratto is the winner of Supremas Battle HR

Victor Moratto took first place in the R$250 Battle HR on Tuesday the 23rd in a very busy straight race at Suprema Brazil. With his victory, his balance increased by 30,534 reais. There were 796 entrants in this competition.

In the R$750 HighS competition, “PAYET2023” was selected from 98 entrants and received R$21,132 in prize money. View other results:

View other results:

R$150 Big Plus (393 entries)

Winner: “DUR111” R $ 14,176

R$ 75 Mystery (1,458 entrants)

Winner: “shoveshove” R$ 11,974

R$15 Plus (2,580 entrants)

Winner: “Flipante” €10,293

Victor Moratto is the winner of Supremas Battle HR

Johannes Toebbe Confirms KSOP Super High Roller Event

Johannes Toebbe joins star-studded R$ 100,000 Supe...

German player Johannes Toebbe has been confirmed by the KSOP GGPoker South American Super High Roller Tournament organization. With a buy-in of R$100,000 and a guaranteed prize of R$3,000,000, the tournament continues to attract foreigners from all over the world.

Toebbe is famous for playing in the most important poker tournaments around the world. join. The German has racked up impressive results at the most prestigious events such as the WSOP, WPT and EPT, reaching the final table of the World Series of Poker twice in his career.

Another foreigner has joined the ranks of poker players. The stars of the Super High Roller have been confirmed. Mustapha Kanit, Dan Cates, Damian Salas, Ezequiel Waigel and Alexander Leven Alexander Livingston has secured a place in the tournament, and of course the Brazilian team, which includes Lucio Lima, Welker Johnny, Alan Mauricio Mauricio), Mateus Carrión “zinhão” and others. , Felipe Boianovsky “lipe piv”, Leandro Zavodini, Francisco Neto, Rafael Reis, Léo Rizzo, Felipe Mojave and Peterson Machado.

The Super High Roller will be held January 27-29. Participant updates will be made directly on the KSOP GGPoker Instagram. The South American leg will take place at RioCentro from January 24 to February 7, and you can follow all the details on Mundo Poker. You can click here to view the full schedule for the biggest poker event in Latin American history.

Johannes Toebbe joins star-studded R$ 100,000 Supe...

$500,000 Mystery Glory: KKPoker Hosts Biggest Tournament in History for Just $200

$500,000 Mystery Glory: KKPoker Hosts Biggest Tour...

KKPoker will break another record this weekend with a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of nearly R$2.5 million. The secret glory, worth $500,000, aims to bring together players from all over the world to compete for the grand prize and, most importantly, the tournament’s top prize: $50,000 to the lucky player who beats his opponent in the ITM elimination phase. The $200 buy-in appeals to all types of players: from casual players who want to take a chance on more expensive tournaments to pros who see the high value in the tournament.For those who want to participate in such a tournament but don’t want to commit the full buy-in, KKPoker offers multiple satellites on its grid. Buy-ins start at just $10. Tickets can also be obtained through special tasks available on the platform. The secret glory worth $500,000 will mark a milestone in KKPoker’s history, taking the platform to the next level and paving the way for an even bigger tournament in 2024.

$500,000 Mystery Glory: KKPoker Hosts Biggest Tour...

Enjoy Punta del Este: The $3M Party Begins

Enjoy Punta del Este: The $3M Party Begins

Enjoy Punta del Este in December has always been synonymous with Gran Final Millonaria. The prestigious tournament is now essentially a festival, concluding the season with nine days of pure poker action, with more than $3,000,000 in prize money today and coverage starting from CodigoPoker.

The promotion runs from Friday 1st to Saturday 9th and includes 27 events, including the Enjoy Poker Tour Last date. series taking place throughout the year, as well as the Millionaire Finals itself, a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000.

It all starts today with the EPT Open and continues with Saturday’s EPT Main Event, which as always comes with a $500,000 guarantee Bonus, buy-in is $1,650. All sponsored by ACR Poker.

Enjoy Punta del Este and the Millionaire Finale in December,

Besides time, as well as the usual $3,300 for High Roll, Premium and Ladies, as well as qualifying satellites for the Millionaire Finale The tournament will be held on Tuesday, with Day 1A on Tuesday.

In GFM, players pay an entry fee of $2,750 You will play 30-minute levels with a starting stack of 20,000 chips compete. There will be five initial sessions in total, including Turbine Round 1E, with Round 2 starting next Friday, the penultimate day before the champions are announced on Saturday the 9th.

The final section will showcase the best wallets you can choose from Also look forward to the Super High Roller with a buy-in of $5,500 and a GTD of $500,000 . However, if you’re looking for more affordable tournaments, you can find what you’re looking for in a crowded calendar, too. Party is for everyone.

Enjoy Punta del Este: The $3M Party Begins

Mike Leah wins 8 races in Las Vegas

Mike Leah wins 8 races in Las Vegas

Canadian player Mike Leah won eight events to win the final event of the 2023 WPT World Championship.

The tournament features 8 poker modes, a total of 146 entrants, $2,200, and $291,000 distributed among the top 17 players. That includes Jose Paz-Gutierrez from Bolivia, who placed ninth and won $7,344.

Mike earned $78,841 and finished 25th. Career Champion He has earned $8.2 million. He ranks 12th on Canada’s all-time money list, led by Daniel Negreanu.

Mike with his trophy: Wynn Poker More news from the 2023 World Poker Tour World Championship:

  • Festival Schedule
  • With Top Matches for Famous Players
  • Latino wins in opener
  • Rampage, Brad Irvin and Joao Simao is a finalist in NLH 10K
  • Lisa Costello wins WPT Women’s Championship

Mike Leah wins 8 races in Las Vegas

2023 Main Event Day 1A Recap

2023 WSOP Main Event Day 1A Recap

Giving the order to “shuffle and deal” was 2006 Main Event winner Jamie Gold, who had a record 8,773 players and hopes to beat that mark this year. These were his words: “I would like to wish all the Main Event players the best of luck. But when I face the final table all bets are off. Let’s make history together.

Today we kicked off, what is shaping up to be, a record-breaking World Series of Poker (@WSOP) Main Event. ♣️

Winner of the record-setting 2006 #WSOP Main Event, @RealJamieGold, commenced the event with the legendary Shuffle Up and Deal.🤩 Good luck to all of the players!

– Horseshoe Las Vegas (@HorseshoeVegas) July 3, 2023

Day 1A saw 1,080 players sign up and all started with a starting stack of 60,000 chips. After 5 120-minute blind levels there were 721 participants left standing led by Yehuda Dayan with 389K. You can see the full chip count here.

Notables who advanced: Doug Polk (281K), Faraz Jaka (213K), 2006 champ Jamie Gold (163K), 2014 champ Martin Jacobson (154K), Dominik Nitsche (149K), 2009 champ Joe Cada (115K), Brad Owen (113K), Tony Dunst (105K), Barny Boatman (100K), Shaun Deeb (97K), Ramon Colillas (71K), Eli Elezra (66K), James McManus (65K), David Peters (43K), Dewey Tomko (29K) and Bruno Fitoussi (17K), among others.

2023 WSOP Main Event Day 1A Recap

Renan Bruschi is PokerStars’ Brazilian highlight

Warming up for WCOOP, Renan Bruschi wins Monday's...

With less than a week to go before the WCOOP, one of the most anticipated series of this year, Brazilian players are running at full speed on the PokerStars tables in search of huge bonuses. This Monday (05), some people have already succeeded. Do this. The highlight was Renan Bruschi who put in an outstanding performance.

Focused on winning, Renan Bruschi entered Monday’s $1,050 6-Man High Roller with his legendary account “Internett93o” without anyone noticing 67 – a strong field. The result earned him a handsome bonus of$21,153.

Meanwhile, Guilherme Stoliar ( Known as “calcinha92” at the site’s poker tables) is competing for the $109 Sunday Million jackpot. The player placed fifth out of 10,782 entrants and earned $22,754, his largest winnings on the site.

Finally, in the ever-prestigious Mini Bounty Builder HR im Worth $55, which received 3,398 entries, the winner was Eduardo Dantas of the Insight Poker team “eduiardodantas95”. The Grinder’s balance increased by$17,126.

Warming up for WCOOP, Renan Bruschi wins Monday's...

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